Magnet DAO Invest-a-thon

What is an Investathon?

🚀 Intro

  1. Form a team
  2. Find a project to invest in
  3. Research the project
  4. Pitch the project

🛠 Pitch-deck requirements

  1. Project Overview — what it does, why it’s unique, what problem is it solving, etc.
  2. Competitors — does a product like this already exist? Who is the competition?
  3. Value Proposition — why is it unique and why will it generate a user base / income?
  4. Investment Stage — what stage is the project in? Have they raised funds? At what valuation?
  5. Summary — restate your vision and the business opportunity for this collaboration

⏰ Timeline

  1. Create your Team: Partner up with teammates to collaborate with. Teams will be a minimum of (2) members and a maximum of (4). For help finding teammates, check out #find-a-team channel in the Magnet DAO Discord.
  2. Pitch Deck / Google Form Submission: After finding a team, the next phase is for you and your team to do research and build a presentation. Completed pitch decks will be submitted through the following Google Forms link no later than February 8th at 5pm UTC:
  3. Selection Process — The judges will review the pitch decks and select the 5 best teams for the final round
  4. Final Round — The top 5 teams will have their chance to pitch their projects to the judges, who will vote on the winners. Pitch day is TBD based on availability. See below for the breakdown of prizes!

👨‍⚖️️ The Judges

  • Dexx (Founder @ Magnet DAO)
  • Lazy Coder (Dev @ Magnet DAO)
  • Blue (Marketing Lead @ Trader Joe)
  • DaviDeFi (BD Lead @ Trader Joe)
  • One community member selected from Magnet DAO’s Discord!

⚙️ Rules

📝 Evaluation Criteria

  1. Competency and thorough execution of pitch-deck
  2. Business value, market mapping and growth potential
  3. Level of innovation and originality
  4. Roadmap feasibility / probability of execution

🎳 Having Trouble Finding A Team?

🎁 Prize — for the winners of the pitch competition

Bounty — for projects that we end up investing in via our Innovation Fund




Revolutionizing early-stage investing.

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Magnet DAO

Magnet DAO

Revolutionizing early-stage investing.

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